Image: A Tasty Tale poster

A Tasty Tale

By Noel Grieg

In association with Leicester City Library Service, The Spark toured this production in December 2015, for schools in their local library. Written by Noel Greig, one of the country's leading playwrights for young children, and featuring Gary Lagden with songs and lyrics by Christopher Preece.

An exciting re-working of Hansel and Gretel featuring live music, rich poetic language, lots of laughs and scary bits that will entertain everyone aged seven and over.

In A Tasty Tale two hungry children are abandoned in the woods by their mother and father. After thinking they are well and truly lost, they stumble across a delicious house made of gingerbread and a beautiful witch who has ulterior motives. As they fight to survive, Hansel finds he's not as brave as he boasts he is, however Gretel finds she is bolder than she thought she could be.

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