About Vital Spark

Born in 2018, Vital Spark is a movement addressing the lack of diversity in the Performance for Young Audiences (PYA) sector. Through development opportunities, and the commissioning and production of new work, we support artists who are currently underrepresented in the PYA sector; and in turn, these artists support us in our ambition to be a more inclusive organisation.

We believe that children and young people should be able to see themselves reflected and represented in all the shows they watch. Both in terms of the stories being told and the performers who tell those stories. By working closely with the Vital Spark Artists and Partner Organisations, we can make this a reality.

You can join in with the Vital Spark discussion on the blog where we discuss some of the key issues and themes emerging from the movement, from its inception through to the present day.


Every artist we work with becomes part of a growing cohort of Vital Spark Associate Artists, supporting and feeding into the overall organisational thinking at The Spark.

We aim to create a safe and supportive community for all underrepresented artists interested in the PYA sector through closed online groups, networking and training events, and an open-door policy for conversations with artists.

For up-to-date information about the opportunities available through Vital Spark or how to get involved with the growing community please:


Vital Spark is supported by partner organisations across the UK including: Arts Depot, Attenborough Arts Centre, Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, Travelling Light Theatre, Warwick Arts Centre, and Z-arts. Together we become more than the sum of our parts to share best practice and learning within the sector, and to create a world class offer of support for Vital Spark Artists.

We are always interested in having conversations with organisations who share our ethos of a more equitable sector. To find out how you can get involved in the Vital Spark movement, head to our Get Involved page: click here

Code of Care:

During the year of lockdown 2020, many freelance artist found themselves with time to reflect. At the same time the #freelancetaskforce and #weshallnotberemoved campaign began. In response to these movements The Spark facilitated 7 'A Seat at the Table' conversations with 25 freelance artists.

On listening to the artist voice there emerged a need for a clear and agreed understanding between freelancers and those that employed them. And so, working with the artists, we co-created a document that could support the initial conversations taking place between freelance artists and employers.

The Code of Care is a toolkit that can be used as needed by both artists and organisations. More information and links to the toolkit can be found here - The Spark Arts for Children - Code of Care

Want to know more?

If you'd like to have a chat about Vital Spark with the team, you can get in touch by email: vitalspark@thesparkarts.co.uk