The Spark at the City Festival

The Spark is delighted to support the City Festival, and each year runs a series of creative family community workshops which link in to the FREE family presentations in the city centre.

Crafty Cosmos - 2017

To link in with the 2017 production of The Urban Astronaut, artist Sue Pyecroft created the Crafty Cosmos workshops.

Families got to build worlds, explore new places and take a glimpse in to a future that might be. Some brought along a piece of rubbish and transformed it into a crafty cosmos or they created a colourful time capsule to take home and fill with their messages of hopes and dreams.

Mayhems & Mix Ups - 2016

FREE workshops for all the family to create crazy critters, beautiful beasts and magical monsters. With artist Usha Mahenthiralingam, they made models of their own imaginary creatures to take home and received a 'Certificate of Oddity' welcoming the crazy creatures in to the menagerie of imaginary animals.

These workshops are inspired by Les Enfants Terribles Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie a most mysterious, magical and magnificent experience that took place as part of this year's City Festival.

Tangled in Time - 2015

To complement the presentation of Tangle at Jubliee Square, the Spark delivered a series of FREE art workshops for children, young people, families and community groups to explore the idea of being TANGLED.

Mixed media and movement artist Usha Mahenthiralingam took us on a journey of collaborative free style weaving and storytelling as she worked with groups to weave & construct their own tangled structures and pieces of art.

This activity is supported by the Without Walls Associate Touring Network.