The Big Veg Takedown

The Online Adventures of Walter Lemonface

Join brave explorer Walter Lemonface on a new animated adventure full of colourful characters, mysterious happenings… and lots of lemony goodness!

The Big Veg Takedown is a new, innovative project where artists, children and families all worked together to create an exciting animated story through digital collaboration.

Each episode was produced from the homes of 154Collective artists Fabric Lenny (artist and animator), Dan Mallaghan (writer and storyteller) and Nick Lewis (musician). As well as the animations, each episode is accompanied by a creative activity to unleash the imagination.

The Whole Story

Episode by Episode

Watch the episodes as they were created to see how the story developed...

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Get Creative...

Each episode is accompanied by a creative activity to unleash the imagination!

Activity 1 - Construct your own veg warrior

If you don't have a printer why not make your own fruit or veg warrior out of fruit and veg? Try different costumes and facial expressions, then whatever you have made, share them on our Facebook page.

Activity 2 - Make Walters voice

Find out how you can create Walters voice using just an elastic band and an empty container…

We'd love to hear what you have made Walter say - so record and send us your videos / sound files. Tag us on Facebook to Twitter use #bigvegtakedown or you can email

Activity 3 - Nonsense Poetry

Walter Lemonface writer and storyteller Dan talks you through one of his favourite things to do - write nonsense poems.

Have a go and share your nonsense poems with us - tag us on Facebook to Twitter use #bigvegtakedown or you can email

About 154Collective
154Collective an international, multi art form group, including performers, painters, writers, photographers, animators, dancers and musicians. With collaboration at their heart, they seek to tell stories from unusual and fun perspectives using an array of art forms and approaches including: theatre, exhibition, publications, music, live projections and public art.

Commissioned for the Among Ideal Friends consortium, supported by Arts Council England