Something Curious

Tuesday 6 & Wednesday 7 April 2021

There is Something Curious happening in the library this Easter. Are you curious? Do you ask a lot of questions - or know someone who does? Join us for two fantastic live family events, streamed via Zoom, directly into your home.

Curious Investigators is a live interactive adventure full of surprising discoveries for 4 to 7 year olds. Sound Me A Story, led by beat-boxing poet Mr Shay, uses the power of sound to transform stories, suitable for ages 7+.

Tickets are just £3 per family

The Underground Creatives presents

Sound Me a Story with Mr Shay

Squelch, Splosh, Boom - welcome to the sound of a story!

Experience stories as you've never done before!

Join beatboxer Mr Shay LIVE from the library as he selects his favourite parts from books that he's discovered in your local library. Jump into Slime (David Walliams), solve mysteries alongside Anisha Accidental Detective (Serena Patel) and help rescue Little Badman from the time-travelling teacher of doom (Humza Arshad and Henry White).

Mr Shay doesn't just READ stories, he turns them into a sound adventure with his beatboxing and musical skills... and you can join in too!

Tuesday 6 April
Event times: 11am & 2pm
For children aged 7+ and their families
45 mins
Tickets: £3 per family

Click here to book for Sound Me A Story at 11am
Click here to book for Sound Me A Story at 2pm

About Mr Shay

Mr Shay is a Poet, Rapper and Beat-Boxer from Leicester, who is well known for his use of loop stations and music technology. Shay uses his voice as his instrument to create live and spontaneous performances, which often involve comedy and rap freestyles.

One Tenth Human presents

Curious Investigators

Meet 'Investigator Toni', who's stuck at home with nowhere to go - but is still determined to discover something AMAZING. She needs your help to solve a problem with a home-made marble run. But watch out - there may be a surprising discovery when you do...

To experience the show, you need a laptop, phone or tablet with Zoom enabled; a few bits and pieces from your recycling bin; and a helpful adult.

"My little boy turned to me halfway through and whispered "I love this, thank you" and as soon as the call ended he was planning things to make." Mother of 'Investigator Milo'.

Perfect for 4-7 year olds who ask a lot of questions!

Click to watch the trailer on YouTube

Wednesday 7 April
Event times: 10am, 1pm & 3pm
For children aged 4-7 years and their families
1 hour
Tickets: £3 per family


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About One Tenth Human

One Tenth Human create live, intimate, and wildly entertaining events with children and scientists,

for children and adults to enjoy together. Audiences are the heroes of their adventures.

One Tenth Human was created by artistic director Sarah Punshon, inspired by the year she spent working at the Natural History Museum, collaborating with scientists and museum professionals to create interactive events for family visitors.

"That was so wonderful! Truly an inspiring show for kids, including me"
Dr Madeline Lancaster, Cambridge University neuroscientist