The Diamond Pork Pie

A Poem written by Andy Reeves
Illustrated by Annie Rickard Straus

The end of Andy Reeves's residency at Southfields Library has been marked by a project to celebrate the buildings history as it embarks on a new period after its renovation.

Written to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 'Pork Pie' library, which opened in 1939, this short piece features the voices of many local people who shared their memories of the building with Andy.

The poem was then transformed by illustrator and lettering artist Annie Rickard Straus, whose combination of beautiful lettering and imagery is on permanent display at the Pork Pie Library and Community Centre, Southfields Drive, Leicester LE2 6QS.

We hope you get the chance to visit and see the complete poem.

Place your ear to the wall.
Listen, what do you hear?
That's not traffic but the thrum of time
Curving back to '39

And men in overalls, men in suits
Laying foundations & growing roots -
Brown & round, simply why
Folks came to call it the Pork Pie.