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Same Same... But Different

Recommended age:
5+ years
Sat 15 Feb
£4 (£3 library members, £10 family of 4)
50 mins

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Three dancer/musicians mix Hip Hop, Kathak and Contemporary dance with live music and storytelling. A magical show that bonds us all.

Performances at the BRITE centre and Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre

Special festival offer for both shows: Same Same But Different and IndoJazz for just £5 (£4 library members, £12 family of 4) - discount is applied at checkout.

Same Same…But Different is a new show, mixing Kathak, Hip Hop dance, contemporary dance, hints of live music and physical storytelling, to create a playful and colourful world, exploring our curiosities and fears, the times we feel different and when we belong.

Inspired by the well-known Anglo-Asian phrase 'same, same…but different', meaning "Yes, something kind of similar, but not the exact same thing", the 3 dancer-musicians conjure a magical atmosphere where we celebrate our individuality, diversity and the bonds which connect us all.

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Same Same…But Different has been made working in collaboration with a number of primary schools in Birmingham and London and the children's creative ideas and lived experiences of being different and belonging have been brought into the show.

Award-winning Sonia Sabri Company is one of the UK's leading dance and music companies renowned for dazzling, lively performances created by Directors Soni and Sarvar Sabri. The company invites dramaturg Sue Buckmaster, Artistic Director of acclaimed Theatre Rites, and together they have created a feel-good celebratory dance theatre show for everyone to enjoy.

The Brite Centre 0116 299 5476
Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre 0116 299 5500

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There are no future performances of this event.

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