Threshold (Australia) presents

Mountain Goat Mountain

On Demand
Recommended age:
5+ years
Sat 13 - Sat 20 Feb
Pay what you can
45 mins

Mountain Goat Mountain is a magical place. Strange and wonderful happenings often take place.

An interactive audio theatre experience for families with guided activities that help you set up and step into your own imaginative world. Explore tunnels, lava pits and underwater caves without ever leaving your home.

Mountain Goat Mountain will take you on a journey that bumps you out of the ordinary and into a world where you work together to uncover its secrets and discover the hidden treasures in each other. A chance for adults and children to be creative together.

What you need: A sheet (the bigger the better), a piece of blank paper, coloured pencils, a device (computer, phone, iPad) you can plug into speakers (you're going to want to play it really loud!); some people you love.

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"A wonderful lounge room adventure, and will be one of our fondest memories of this topsy turvy time in history" parent

"Families all over the world need this show" seesawmag (Australia)

A Threshold Experience. Created by Zoë Barry, Tahli Corin, Liz Francis, Nikita Hederics and Sarah Lockwood.

Presented in partnership with

  • Curve