The Spark Arts for Children presents

Secret Stories - The Video Call

Digital Live
Recommended age:
Suitable for All
Sun 14, Wed 17 & Sat 20
Pay What you Can
45 mins

The Video Call

Ring Ring…

The Video Call is a collection of stories that resonate voices from the heart of Belgrave, the golden mile of Leicester… in a world of WhatsApps, Zooms, never ending summer barbeques and of course lockdown! We will transport you on the back of a motorcycle through countries and along the Belgrave Road meeting an array of characters - don't forget to say hello to YouTube Mashi, she has thousands of followers. We might even stop somewhere for a chai. Why not join us?

Rina Fatania will perform The Video Call, live-streamed direct to your home, over Zoom.

Join us to celebrate the remarkable adventures and secret stories of local families, that makes this area so unique. You could keep it a secret of you could tell your friends… you will want to book The Video Call and Airmail to get the full experience.

"So in the first lockdown, Papa made barbecue every single week. No exaggeration. Every single week. It was like wake up. Stand in line. Make something. Go barbecue."

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