509 Arts and Hull Truck Theatre, supported by Mind the Gap, present

Meal One

Recommended age:
5-9 years
Tues 8 & Weds 9 Feb
£14 - £10
60 mins

An enchanting musical fairy tale with augmented reality surprises.

A boy sleeps in his bed. The house around him creaks. An owl hoots. Clouds drift across the brightening sky. Quietly, softly, we explore the house and garden as the sun begins to rise.

Helbert and his Mum prepare for the day by planting a plum stone in the bedroom floor, unleashing an extraordinary adventure.

A huge tree quickly fills the room, turning it into the best tree-house-playground ever. But when they go downstairs for Meal One – the first meal of the day – they discover a kitchen full of tree roots busily munching through anything edible they can find.

Adapted from the much loved children's book by Ivor Cutler and Helen Oxenbury, Meal One is a magical family show filled with music, songs, dance, breath-taking projections and augmented reality surprises.

"Beautiful, Intriguing, Memorable"

Watch a trailer here

All performances are 'relaxed' and accessible, with captioning built into the production.

Everyone is welcome, and the informal atmosphere can be particularly suitable for anyone who may feel more comfortable in a relaxed performance environment, allowing for noise and movement, or exit/re-entry when needed. This may include children, young people and adults with neurodivergence such as autism, learning difficulties and other sensory or communication needs.

Free Learning Resources
509 Arts have put together lots of activities, videos, pictures. and sensory packs, all about Helbert and the world of Meal One, including activities to do at home or for teachers to use at school. You can look at them online, or print off parts of each activity to try. Click here for details.

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Also suitable for School groups

Suitable for Primary and SEND schools. Group ticket offers available - please contact Group Sales Team on 0116 242 3595 or email groupbookings@curvetheatre.co.uk