About the 2010 Festival

Image: Olga Volt

Stories, wonder and magic were the order of the day in the 8th Spark Festival. Stories told with dance, music, painting and sculpture, and of course with puppetry of all kinds and theatre.

Stories of real people- like Little Leap Forward, the boy from Beijing - and of fantastical beings - like Olga Volt - The Electric Fairy; minature stories like those in Small Worlds at Knighton Fields Centre, or great adventures with the brilliant and rollicking Treasure Island at Loughborough Town Hall.

There was plenty to join in with this year, for children who like to get up and do - make musical instruments, sing in a choir, join the traditional dance of the Afro-Ceilidh, create new dance in Igniting Hip Hop or try their hand at sculpture or performance poetry.

We were delighted to welcome Horse + Bamboo, Oily Cart, Wee Stories, Mimika Theatre, Travelling Light & Sixth Sense, Banyan Theatre and Long Nose Puppets, and many other companies and performers.

The 20201 festival presented 144 events over 14 days, by 24 companies. We presented in 7 professional venues, 15 community venues and took 38 performances and 8 workshops to 20 schools in Leicester and Leicestershire. Our total attendance for the festival was 14,545.

The programme had a special focus on work for Early Years and included 3 companies from Europe who specialise in dance or theatre for under 4s [La Baracca, Teatro all'improviso and Nat Gras]. We were also able to run a complementary CPD course for local arts practitioners and nursery educators to explore working with Early Years performance technciques, which we hope to expand on in 2011.

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