Tidy Up

£60 per class
Foundation, KS1
50 mins
11 - 14 Feb

Performances at St Barnabas and Pork Pie Libraries

When it starts out ship-shape, there's only one way for it to go… this dance-theatre show gets all messed up!

As we wriggle our way through the muddle of life we often discover things anew. So why can't tidiness be exciting for children or chaos joyful for adults? Who said there's a 'right way' anyway?

Inspired by children's logic when creating order, patterns and systems, this show is a witty, uplifting journey discovering whether chaos and order can ever live side-by-side... With plenty of surprises, Tidy Up is an unforgettable party!

The production was developed in partnership with GOSH Arts, children, families and the Psychological Services Department at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

See a trailer for the performance


Tuesday 11, Wednesday 12 at St Barnabas Library

Thursday 13, Friday 14 at Pork Pie Library and Community Centre

To book:

Email gemma@thesparkarts.co.uk or call the Spark Office 0116 2616893