Potato Needs a Bath

£75 per year group
FS and KS1
40 minute film
Mon 8 - Fri 12 Feb 2021

Maris Piper lives in a house with her fruit and vegetable friends. It is Potato's birthday and they are going to have a party! The problem is that Potato needs a bath because he is covered in mud (Potato loves mud). But he doesn't want to have a bath.

Maris gets all the fruit and veg ready, makes the party hats, prepares pass the parcel and tidies the house but every time she asks Potato to have a bath he disappears!

A very funny and highly visual film created from the much loved theatre show. Watch the film, then hold your own vegetable party at home.

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"Charmingly quirky show...a tonne of inspired silliness to delight the nursery-aged patrons" Mark Brown, The Sunday Herald

"I defy anyone of any age not to be entertained by this; witty, clever and superbly performed." *** Justine Blundell, The Edinburgh Guide Review

School Information

Children will be delighted by this bright and funny show, and they will be supplied with a special Party Pack of their own so they can join in! Potato Needs a Bath will encourage children to role play and will spark their imaginations through creating their own characters and parties.

Format: A 40 minute film (accessed online) and a surprise Party Pack containing an activity booklet and lots of fun!

Key Themes / Values

Friendship, imagination, celebration

Curricular links: Art and Drama

To book:

Email nicola@thesparkarts.co.uk or call 0116 261 6893