Grass - Sunny Days and Insect Hands

£75 per year group
Mon 8 - Fri 12 Feb 2021

Look down. What are you standing on?

Explore the world beneath your feet and all its wriggling inhabitants in this double bill of quirky short dance films that celebrates the magic of the natural world.

Roll in the grass, find spiders in the park and feel the warm sun on your face. Sunny Days and Insect Hands will inspire you to look a little more closely at the world around you, get moving, get outside and play.

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What audiences have said:
"Emilia was spellbound, and demanded to watch it 3 more times"
"We loved flying butterflies around our living room"
"Wow. I loved it. Beautiful. The dancer is so expressive."
"How lovely! I didn't want it to stop. ❤"

These films are accompanied by a series of sensory films which offer an additional way to experience the event for children with an autistic spectrum condition or who explore the world in a sensory way. Available to watch with or without audio description.

Second Hand Dance creates joyful dance work for families and adult audiences. Its work has been watched by just under a million people, live or online.

Sunny Days & Insect Hands were created by Rosie Heafford, winner of the Arts Foundation Children's Theatre Shortlist Award.

School Information

Sunny Days and Insect Hands encourage children to explore dance and movement, representing creatures and the natural environment. The films and associated activities would provide a creative and imaginative PE, Drama or Dance lesson.

Format: 2 short films, accessed online (with or without audio description) and worksheets for print / download

Key Themes / Values

Nature and the natural environment, movement and dance, imagination, curiosity, mini beasts, repetition

Curricular links: PE, Drama and Dance

To book:

Email or call 0116 261 6893