Doorway to the Festival

The Spark Artists in Residence, Sian Watson Taylor, David Stickman Higgins, and the magnificent families from St Barnabas and Pork Pie Libraries, celebrated The Spark Festival with rays of cultural sunlight for the imagination, at home, and in their doorways!

The Doorway to the Festival is open...!

Key 'ingredients' for making storytelling stages and a sparkling Festival atmosphere at home, were posted through the letterboxes of our families and nursery partners (imagine paper, crayons, fabric, paints, sponges, pots, pans, feathers, and sticky tapes!) Livestreamed "zoom room" interactive sessions with Sian and Dave were supported with pre-recorded story telling adventures, each story brought to life through a magical mix of rhythms and beats, bursting with sounds, words and the colours of sunshine and celebration!

The Festival Photographer, Samuel Kirby captured the essence of the Festival celebration on the doorstep, the results can be seen in the gallery below. A huge 'thank you' to everyone for their amazing story telling collaboration from the front doorstep.