Secret Stories

During lockdown The Spark immersed themselves into the heart of the Belgrave community, the golden mile of Leicester, via interactive zoom conversations with local families to uncover their personal histories and their family journeys which ultimately lead to Leicester.

Working with Associate Director Trina Haldar and Writer Satinder Cohan, families have told us of their adventures across continents, and of the incredible stories of their parents and grandparents, uncles and aunties.

What has emerged are two different sets of stories are told through time, across continents and generations. Jumping from India to Portugal to the back of a motorcycle, watching elephants and camels pass you by.

These beautiful and often humorous stories Airmail and The Video Call will be live-streamed direct to audiences at The Spark Festival, over Zoom, by professional actors.

Whilst we can't walk down the Golden mile of Leicester currently, we can take you to the faraway worlds that make up this internationally renowned Leicester gem.

No passport or visa required!

"How did we communicate in the olden days? With letters. Letters…Sometimes blue airmail letters that we'd send… Light like a feather but heavy with love and words.

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