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The Learning Opportunity

Follow-up workshops linked to this performance have been developed for teachers to deliver in-class. A downloadable resource pack will support activity for group discussion and creative writing which promotes speaking and listening skills as well as literacy levels,­­ with the invitation to write the next chapter which will be displayed at the Library.

Links to local history and heritage can be explored via supported learning of the true events of WWI including the journey that local East Midlands soldiers would have made from their homes to the battlefield. In addition there are activities to unpick some of the most famous poems from those on the frontline and to be inspired to write their own.

Previously, the children who saw the play were compelled to write the next chapter and decide the fate of the character Jack. Through their historical knowledge, many suggested he would have gone on to fight in WWII. Others explored the impact of losing his best friend in the war. These stories were displayed in the Library and children proudly brought family members back to read them.

Teacher Resource Pack

Teacher Resource video

The actor, director and writer set some challenges for the young people who saw the performance.