360 sound & headsets FAQs

Tell me more about the 360 sound & headsets?
In a first for our library shows, we are making use of immersive technology to provide 360 sound. Audience members will be provided with headsets, similar to gallery/museum headphones, to transport themselves in to Isabella's world and experience her journey along with her.

What if my child doesn't want to wear the headset?
The theatre piece has been designed around this new technology, so to get the most out of the experience it is better to wear the headphones. There will be some sound without the headphones so the child will still be able to hear the music and story if that is more comfortable experience for them.

Can the volume on the headsets be controlled by the wearer?
Yes the headsets will have an adjustable volume control to ensure the wearer has control of the volume they hear.

What happens if a child starts playing/removing headphones and I am sat at the back?
Staff will be on hand to assist with any headset difficulties during the show, we will help them to get the headphones back on or guide the child to you if they are feeling anxious.

I am hard of hearing, how can the technology work for me?
We are very happy to talk to you about making the show accessible for you, whether that be through your aids or our loop systems, please inform us in advance so we can ensure we have everything set up for your arrival.

Can I bring a younger child to the performance?
The Girl of Ink and Stars has been specifically created for children aged 7+ so the content may not hold the attention of a much younger child. This show also involves the use of headphones, provided to the audience, to enable a truly immersive experience. Therefore, for children to have the best experience they would need to feel comfortable wearing headsets for the full duration of the show, which is 55 minutes. We do not want this to be a barrier for families attending so please discuss with the library if you need more information.