Lighting The Fire 2011

Image: Boy with glitter

The Spark, in partnership with Curve and supported by The Mighty Creatives, presented a programme of CPD events in 2011.

Lighting the Fire was a unique course inspired by the cross-curricular, cross-disciplinary and highly collaborative training programmes of one of Italy's leading children's theatre companies - La Baracca, based in Bologna, northern Italy.

Aimed at East Midlands teachers, policy makers and artists, it brought together artists and educators to inform each other's understanding of the value of the arts in early years development and to develop their own practice in creative activities for young children.

The course invited leading artists and companies from the children's theatre sector to inspire participants, and to develop practical skills and build confidence in using creative activities with very young children.

Image: Participants

Beginning with an overview of "What Makes Creativity Grow" by the leading authority on infant development, Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, the course delivered 7 sessions over 7 months to 72 people. These sessions explored performance, design, puppetry, storytelling and voice work and how these can be applied to enhance early years teaching and learning.

Sessions were led by artists from Oily Cart Theatre Company, Starcatcher, Theatr Iolo, La Baracca, Half Moon Theatre and Curve and ran from February to June 2011 in Leicester.

Below you can see a film made by Ashok Mistry documenting the sessions

Lighting the fire from Ashok Mistry on Vimeo.