Adriano Adewale and Music Cafe 2016

Music Residency 2018

Adriano Adewale: Animus

After three successful years of Music Residencies in schools, we are pleased to announce details of the 2018 Schools Music Residency.

Three Leicester primary schools will get involved with this choral residency, working with inspirational Brazilian composer and percussionist Adriano Adewale on the theme of "animals".

The residency will start with workshops taking place in school in March and then over a two week period leading up to the May half term, and is aimed at children in Year 4. The resulting performance will be part of the Spark Festival 2018 in the week of 21 May, and will include an afternoon performance for other classes from the school.

Animus: the animal within

Nature has presented human beings with an infinite number of the richest resources which have enabled us to survive, understand and develop the way we live.

The connection between humans and animals is one of the most fundamental bonds that human beings experience. Animals are present in various aspects of human beings life providing food, company, protection, equilibrium within the environment. They are models of community work, inspiration for the creation of different ways of transport, communication, music and much more.

Animus is a work which takes inspiration from the character and characteristics of certain animals to reflect on our own relation to them and how we can learn from these animals. The way they move, their attitude with their community, the way they hunt and keep their food, how they communicate. Whale songs, bats intricate directional system, dogs intuition, playfulness and laziness of monkeys, the powerful vision of an eagle. What each of these animals' aspects represents to us and how can we learn from it.

Through discussions, pupils will be encouraged to talk about the animals, and write lyrics for a song which will be based on a particular animal or group of animals. These songs will then be arranged with professional musicians as well as with a choreographer who will be working with the students to create movement which they will perform together with their song.

Previous Music Residencies

Previous Music Residencies have included:-

Animus has been funded by Leicester-shire Music Education Hub and delivered by The Spark Arts for Children as part of The City Classroom.

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