Bringing stories to life

Artists in Residence working together with librarians and the community

2018 saw the culmination of 4 years work placing artists in residence within a Leicester library to support storytelling as a medium to promote reading for pleasure. Imaginative Spaces (2014-2016) and Imaginative Neighbourhoods 2016-2018 saw artists working together with librarians and the community to encourage families and children to become actively involved in the arts and culture in the heart of their community.

Over the 4 years the programme has included workshops, performances, exhibitions, installations, the creation of ongoing youth theatre groups, publications, large scale community celebration events, film and new plays that have been performed locally and nationally.

The 4 years culminated in the summer of 2018 with a programme of mischief, magic and mild mayhem to support the Summer Reading challenge. Highlights included a magical mischief family picnic, a library sleep over, Giggles in the Garden for early years and Agent M - an interactive theatre performance that toured city libraries and appeared at the City Festival.

We would like to say a special thank you to the artists in residence over these years: Maya Benenson, John Berkavitch, Trina Haldar, Dave "Stickman" Higgins, Andy Reeves, Parmjit Sagoo and Jayne Williams; and all of the librarians and families who worked with us.

4 years - 13 residencies - 100 visiting artists / performers
Over 56,000 young people and their families

A 10 year old participant said:

I like how we can come here and spend time with our friends and family. It gets us off our phones cos at home I'll just watch YouTube all the time but when you make your own games it's more fun.