The Spark Festival is moving

Posted: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 09:00

The Spark Festival is moving

To ensure The Spark Festival continues to have as big an impact on the children of Leicester/shire as possible we are repositioning its regular slot on the calendar from May to February.

This shift gives us the opportunity to develop our own work, embed The Spark in to the local learning curriculum and to co-curate work in communities, placing Spark artists alongside The Festival's usual mix of the best international work for young people and families.

This is possible through two exciting Spark developments

Vital Spark is an ambitious four-year programme which will harness the talent of diverse artists in order to pursue a vision of a sector that is relevant to and representative of all children. Through commissioning opportunities, an artist development programme, and the production of new work, Vital Spark puts artists and children at the centre to understand and respond to what artists need to thrive in the sector and what children want to see in it.

SparkPlus develops how schools engage with the festival, how the festival impacts on children's development and learning and how it can contribute to school improvement. The project was successfully piloted during The Spark Festival 2018. ensuring children in Leicester/shire thrive through rich and adventurous experiences.

While we are busy making changes behind the scenes at the festival we will still be working in neighbourhoods, in cultural education and touring family theatre to libraries, so keep in touch, follow us on social media, and join the mailing list to make sure you're the first to hear any exciting festival news.

Next Spark Festival 10 - 16 February 2020 - Save the Date

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