Festival Directors finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

Posted: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 09:30

Festival Directors finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

Trina Haldar and Daryl Beeton find the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary as preparations begin for The Spark Festival 2022.

The Spark Festival will be back in February 2022 bringing a simple curiosity to discovering who we are and a chance to find joy in truly being ourselves after a year of global turmoil.

This year, The Spark Festival is being co-directed by Spark Associate Directors, Trina Haldar and Daryl Beeton, who will be asking children to be inquisitive and compassionate towards themselves and others, where they belong and the pushes and pulls that shape them.

The 2022 Spark Festival will offer a holistic blend of live and digital performances to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience them. It will include a programme of dance, theatre and music which invites children to reflect on themselves and others and provide much needed shared creative and cultural experiences for all.

Daryl Beeton said:

"Both myself and Trina are really excited to be Co-Directing next year's Spark Festival. It's a great opportunity to be programming and working with a wide range of incredible artists, across the city and online, whose work will speak to and connect with the children, families, and communities of Leicester and bring a playful curiosity back into our lives. This is an exciting opportunity for The Spark and our partners, bringing the best performers, artists and musicians directly into the heart of Leicester."

This week The Spark announced their At Your School Festival programme with an eclectic mix of dance, theatre and music performed in school halls including Josephine a joint production from The Egg, Wales Millennium Centre and Oxford Playhouse; Butterflies by Tangled Feet & Half Moon and live music with multi-award winning Don Kipper. The programme also includes online performances to watch in the classroom including Chad Taylor's new production When I Hear Music andCatherine Wheels film adaptation of White.

The Spark will keep everyone posted with what else Trina and Daryl have in store over The Spark Festival from Monday 7- Saturday 13 February 2022 on their website thesparkfestival.co.uk and on their social media channels.

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