Key Insights

Project Key Insights

  • We have discovered that Pop Up Play is a mixture of realities, perspectives, and dimensions.
  • We know that a mixed reality play space fundamentally changes pedagogical practice, and "DCPT" is indicative of a theoretical foundation.
  • We understand the importance of a mixed reality play space for creative communication, dimensional exploration and learning.


Fundamentally we have created an environment for creative play, immersive exploration and the manifestation of ideas, communications and innovative thinking. The thing that sets it aside from other systems is that it offers the participants an opportunity to see themselves elsewhere in time and space, within a safe environment e.g. climbing a mountain, encountering a giant, or simply going to the bus stop.

Further development is required in the following:

  • Measuring Impact: Triangulating the correlation between MR dimensions, pedagogy, communication and embodiment.
  • New Ontology: Examining transformations of practice: novice to expert.
  • New Digital Natives Epistemology: Exploring impact of mixed reality play on cross curricula learning;
  • Sociological impact such as digital wisdom, emotional wellbeing, co-locative collaboration


Dr Craig Vear
Reader in Performing Arts
Head of Performance Research Group