Kit List

The list below shows the hardware that can be used with the system, though with it being modular it is not all required to run a basic setup.

Basic kit

  • Computer - Windows computer running at least Windows 7 (Wifi enabled or networked if you intend to use an iPad)
  • Kinect v1 camera/sensor (see hardware notes below) - The system is designed for the 'Kinect for Windows' device and not the 'Kinect for Xbox'. If you are a developer see 'Additional Information' in the user manual

or you could add the following...

  • Kinect v2 camera/sensor - This model of the Kinect camera should only be used with computers running at least Windows 8 and with a USB3 port (see hardware notes below). The system is designed for the 'Kinect for Windows' device and not the 'Kinect for Xbox'. If you are a developer see 'Additional Information' in the user manual
  • Webcam - Be aware that a higher resolution webcam will tax your system more and a lower resolution one may look pixelated, choose accordingly for the capabilities of your computer
  • Mains powered USB Hub (may not be required if using limited setup or your computer has enough USB ports)
  • iPad
  • Projector and screen or large format monitor - If using a projector, you will not want it in the performance area so you will probably want a ceiling mounted or ultra short throw one


  • Performer lighting – studio style lighting (eg. LED panel, white umbrella style lights)
  • DMX Lighting control box–this system is designed to work with the Enttec DMX-USB Pro or Pro2 (UK supplier: )
  • DMX Lighting fixtures – 6 channel DMX lighting with a Red Green and Blue channel
    (e.g. par can, colour wash, RGB lighting bar etc) NB: mixing fixtures with RGB on different channels is not supported at this time
  • DMX cable adapter–If your lighting fixtures use 3 pin instead of 5 pin DMX, you will need an adapter like this


  • Audio system(eg. amp and speakers, PA system, active speakers)

Hardware Notes

There are two types of Kinect Sensor available, the Kinect for Xbox and the Kinect for Windows. The use of software on Windows legally requires the Kinect for Windows and hence is what this system is designed for.

The Kinect v1 model is of lower resolution than the v2 meaning that the cut out image of the performers may be of lower quality and may appear pixelated on large screens. The v2 also has tighter tracking and deals with lower light levels better, but this all comes at a cost. The v2 needs at least Windows 8, USB3 and uses more processing power so will require a higher spec machine.

Both models of Kinect require a lot of bandwidth on the USB port they are plugged into and therefore will not like sharing a hub with another camera. Ideally they should be plugged directly into a USB port, though they should work alongside the DMX interface. Sometimes a machine will have extra USB ports due to an internal hub so it is worth trying different hubs if there are any issues.