The first Pop Up Play Symposium is a sell-out success

Posted: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 09:47

The first Pop Up Play Symposium is a sell-out success

The symposium will be attended by 50 arts professionals, academics, teachers and library workers from across the UK, who will help to shape the research project by answering the following questions:

  • Q. How do arts and cultural organisations access digital technology for creative play and learning?
  • Q. How can a mixed reality digital play space enhance children's creativity, play and communication skills?

The day will also feature presentations from the project team, and an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in digital play and exploration.

Dr Craig Vear, Head of Performance Research Group, De Montfort University said: 'Mixed reality is an immensely powerful tool in the right hands: imagine being able to transport a child into the imaginary realms that books create in our minds, to let them explore and experience, feel and create. We aim to bring new ideas and a rigorous framework into the engagement with creative play and mixed reality, and to maximise the potential of meaningful learning.'

Once all of the research has been conducted, it is intended to bring a Pop Up Play product to market in April 2015, which will be an open source product that is freely available for use. Whilst immersive learning environments such as Pop up Play do already exist, this is often at great expense and requiring technical know-how and controlled environments. This project will create a package that is open source, flexible, and maximizes engagement for teachers, arts practitioners, librarians and other educational professionals. It will do so in the following ways:

  • The system utilises technology that is already available in the home, classroom or library, such as laptops, home gaming and webcams.
  • The system will be packaged together with a full support programme.
  • Pop-up-Play's creative-cognition framework will facilitate an acute experience for participants.

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