Pop Up Play User Manual

The Pop Up Play software facilitates the creation of a mixed reality environment where a combination of the digital and the real can come together to stimulate creative play and communication. It allows for participants to be immersed in scenarios that can be expanded upon with almost limitless possibilities.

The software makes use of interactive visual, audio and lighting elements which can be loaded up with media content (images, video, sound etc) as desired and combined with real time input for a very flexible system. The system attempts to use accessible and low cost technology and is designed to be modular so that a basic setup could consist of a small part of the available components, though at a reduced set of features.

  • Pop Up Play User Manual Pop Up Play User Manual (PDF, 3.4 Mb)

    Download a printable version of the full Pop Up Play User Manual below. The user manual will provide complete instructions and information on all your software and hardware requirements.