Please find below additional creative resources you may want to download and use for your Pop Up Play session.

Give them a go and let us know when you create new resources. It would be great to add and share your ideas for play with the whole Pop Up Play community via our Discussion Board.

  • PUP Ideas for Play PUP Ideas for Play (PDF, 47 Kb)

    Here are some ideas to kick start your Pop Up Play activity. Games and tasks that were discovered and explored with participants throughout the year long research process.

  • Riddle Cards Riddle Cards (PDF, 50 Kb)

    Here are some ideas of more wordy ways to use the Pop Up Play cards.

  • Joes Amazing 50p Maze Joes Amazing 50p Maze (PDF, 286 Kb)

    An amazing game to get you warmed up and journeying through Joes mixed reality maze.

  • City Classroom Blog City Classroom Blog (PDF, 1.6 Mb)

    Artist Jayne Williams writes about her experiences using Pop Up Play to run an inclusive field trip in and out of the classroom.