The following questions and answers can guide you through overcoming some of the issues that may be faced when setting up and using the software. If your issue is not covered here then you may be able to find some help on the discussion boards of the Pop Up Play website.

The Kinect isn't working

Check you have installed and setup as set out in the guidelines and that you have selected the correct Kinect model in the 'settings' window of the Kinect section of the visual system.

Ensure you are using a 'Kinect for Windows' device rather than a Kinect for Xbox.

The DMX lighting isn't working

This can happen when the correct port isn't selected. Ensure the DMX interface is securely attached and has a lit LED, then press the 'Reload Menu' button and try selecting another port. Ours normally shows up as 'COM4'

The Webcam Isn't working

The webcam may not like sharing a USB hub with another device, try it in a port by itself and see if it works.

Ensure you have installed the manufacturers drivers for the webcam and try it in another application Also, make sure you have pressed the 'Reload Devices' button and selected the correct device from the drop down menu.

The audio isn't working

Ensure you have selected the correct driver and output from the audio driver settings window in the audio system.

Ensure your audio system is on, turned up and correctly plugged in to the computer, perhaps unplug it and try through the computer speakers to make sure sound is coming out of the computer.

There are no controls on the iPad

To resolve this close the "MIRA" app and re-open it. In extreme cases, restart the MIRA app on the iPad and the PUP app on the computer, if you still have issues then restart both devices.

Performance between the iPad and the computer can be restricted by the speed of your home network, creating an ad-hoc network may fix this.

My connected display is not showing up

Ensure that the cables are fully plugged in, if so try restarting your computer.

If this fails to show your connected display, check your display setting in the control panel of your computer or by right clicking on the desktop.

If problems persist refer to the manual for your display.

Example wiring diagram for a full system: