Jamming at Home with Stickman

Leaping out of the libraries and connecting with our Early Years partners.

Artists in Residence, Dave "Stickman" Higgins and Sophie Cullinan have literally leapt into action, to jump out of the libraries, and into homes and classrooms to create fantastic learning opportunities that will support children's learning across the EYFS three prime areas of learning and beyond!

"Rhythm Play Express" with Dave "Stickman" Higgins: cooking up rhythm recipes of sounds, words and movement to feed the imagination, using everyday objects in new ways.

Rhythm Play Express Videos

Click to go to Sphere Play video

To play along find 2 round objects like a ball or piece of fruit and a piece of ribbon or string.

Click to go to Sponge Play video

Grab a sponge and a plate and sing, dance and jam along with Stickman.

Click here for Paper Play video

Find some paper - newspaper, A4 paper or tissue paper, a crayon, a wooden spoon and saucepans and let's play and jam together.

Click for Cushion Play video

Bring a teddy, a cup, a sponge and a ball and get ready to tell a story on cushion mountain…

Download the Rhythm Play Express Worksheets

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Spark at Home is mindful of Leicester City Council's supportive framework "Five Ways to Wellbeing": connect, be active, take notice, learn, and give; recognising the importance of supporting the children, families, schools and nursery settings here in Leicester, through this difficult and unprecedented time.

Stay safe, stay healthy, get ready to share and play, and we'll see you soon!