Our Mission

Extraordinary experiences for children, sparking creativity and change.

Our Values

  • A fair and safe environment where everyone is valued.
  • The space for big ideas to grow.
  • We are curious and love learning
  • Empowering children & young people to be amazing.

Our Strategic Objectives

The charity has four strategic objectives:

  • To commission and produce high quality, diverse and innovative programmes for children in venues (In Your Theatre), schools (At Your School) and community settings (On Your Doorstep) which provide children, their families and their communities with the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts.
  • To organise a children's arts festival each year recognised nationally for the quality, diversity and innovation of the programme, and valued locally for its contribution to the quality of life for children through creating experience, enrichment and inspiration.
  • To champion cultural education activity locally to ensure that children in Leicester/shire thrive through rich and adventurous experiences, no matter where they start in life, and to advocate for children's rights to enjoy artistic opportunities as audiences, as learners and as creators of their own art.
  • To ensure that the organisation is sustainable, well governed by a skilled board and has the hallmarks of an effective charity.