Children and teachers as active audiences and involved learners.

Presenting exceptional live performance in primary schools lies at the heart of the Spark Festival. By combining digital and live performance we are bringing world class performers, artists and musicians to Leicester for our annual festival.

We want to explore and test a bank of experiential learning ideas and teaching strategies to enhance this experience. We want to work directly with children as cultural critics, programmers and ambassadors for the performing arts. Identifying skills involved in watching a performance: interpreting, engaging, sympathising and responding. Supporting teachers to draw upon multiple processes involved in unravelling layers between illusion and reality, decoding, engaging empathetically. A catalyst for future creative activity in the classroom.

SparkPlus aims to gather evidence about approaches to using performing arts to:

  • Impact on children's development and learning and contribute to school improvement.
  • Enhance enjoyment, developing knowledge and understanding of the performing arts.
  • Develop staff knowledge, confidence and transferable skills in delivery of arts-based learning activities, with a whole school approach.

Through teacher led interventions we can support post performance experiences that reverberate in the imagination – making a longer impact on learning and teaching.

We are pleased to be working with Mayflower Primary School on this test and research project. Together we have developed the framework and created Lesson Plans to support teaching and learning around three of our festival performance. Please find links to each of these resources below.

To find our more about the work we are doing, email Gemma

SparkPlus 2018 Video

SparkPlus was piloted at The Spark Festival 2018 as a new way of working in schools, transforming how we deliver the annual festival in future, making a bigger impact on children's lives and academic outcomes.

The programme in 2018 took place in 12 schools and a total of 536 children received their Discover Arts Award.

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SparkPlus is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and is delivered by The Spark Arts as part of The City Classroom.

Thanks also to 29 May 1961 Foundation.

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