Image: Sylvia South poster

Sylvia South and the Word Catcher

by Finegan Kruckemeyer

A new play full of imagination, adventure and surprise. Produced especially for libraries, commissioned by the Among ideal Friends touring network. Toured Summer 2017.

There are stories you find when you open a book. And there are others...that wait to find you.

Sylvia South is settling in for a quiet day at her local library, when she looks up from the pages to see something outrageous. Knowing she'd best be off before something more terrible happens...something more terrible happens.

And suddenly Sylvia South is off on an adventure, navigating streets on a borrowed bicycle to chase a strange little man with an armful of other people's books!

It would be an exciting story to read - if only she wasn't inside it.

Sylvia South is a story full of imagination, surprise, adventure and curiosity and is a brand new play written by Finegan Kruckemeyer.

Suitable for ages 5+ it has a running time of 50mins

Sylvia South and the Word Catcher toured East Midlands libraries in July and August 2017.

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