The Petal and The Wire

By Andy Reeves

This play was commissioned by The Spark and Leicester Libraries as part of the Imaginative Spaces project. It was written by Andy Reeves, who was our Artist in Residence at Southfields (Pork Pie) Library in 2014.

This was an original play about World war One, seen from the point of view of a local soldier. It was written from source material provided by Leicester University- recordings of local people remembering the conflict, made in the early eighties, and covered not just life at the front but Leicester's non-conformist and pacifist tradition and how that impacted on recruitment in the early months of the war. Directed by Kate Chapman and performed by Conor Wilkinson, the play toured libraries across the city and county to tremendous effect.

Audience Comments :

"I just wanted to say that I thought The Petal and the Wire was outstanding. I wish I had written it. Well done. A superb production."

"I found it interesting, informative, profound, touching, moving and felt privileged to have been able to be there."

"Was blown away by The Petal and The Wire at Harborough Library -some of the best writing & acting that I've ever seen. Incredible"