How we work with Artists

There are a number of different ways we work with artists and each relationship varies depending on the needs of the artist/company/project itself.

Some examples of how we've worked with artists include:

  • Fundraising support
  • Commissions for new work
  • In-kind support and advice (incl. dramaturgy & producing)
  • CPD and training events
  • Residencies in school and community settings
  • Programming within The Spark Festival
  • Support through the Vital Spark programme - learn more about Vital Spark here

These relationships begin either with an artist call out or a conversation. Sign up for the Industry Newsletter to receive updates on all artist call out opportunities and/or drop us an email on to introduce yourself.

If you're interested in having your work programmed in The Spark Festival email Please note we are unlikely to programme work we've not seen live so please let us know where and when we might be able to see your piece.