We are also giving you the challenge of raising at least £100 in sponsorship for the Spark - every penny of this will go to helping children and young people experience the transforming power of the arts. Your £30/£50 just covers the costs of the zip wire itself. To help you raise the sponsorship you can link to our Just Giving page once you have registered to take part. You can also download our sponsorship form.

The money raised from this event will help enable The Spark Arts for Children to continue to create unforgettable arts experiences for children aged 0 – 13 in Leicestershire. Gaining access to the Arts is hugely valuable to a child's health and wellbeing and is crucial for imagination, self-expression and creativity. Our work offers children the opportunity to discover and enjoy the arts as audiences, as learners and as creators of their own art.

Zipwire Challenge Instructions

Here is the list of vital info -

During the zip slide you will be travelling along a cable at high speed and come to a sudden stop upon reaching the end. You will be secured to the zip slide by means of a harness.

  • Anyone taking part in the zip slide should be of reasonable health and fitness and have no existing illness, injury or medical condition which could be aggravated by them taking part in the activity.
  • If you have any of the following medical conditions please seek professional medical advice as to whether it is safe for you to take part in the event.

Diabetes, epilespy, a medical condition or disability which does or may impair your physical ability in anyway, an existing medical condition, an illness or injury which could be aggravated by your participation in this activity, heart condition, any medical condition which causes you to become unconscious, pregnancy.

  • You must be at least 16 years old to take part in this event
  • The zip slide carries a 17 stone or 107kg weight limit. Please do not attempt to take part if you are above this weight. Participants may be asked to be weighed before they are allowed to take part in the activity. N.B. Vertical Events reserves the right to refuse any person to participate on the zip slide; if they feel it is not safe for them to take part for any reason.
  • Fancy dress is permitted however anything which could interfere with the safe running of the zip wire system such as capes and long wigs must be tucked away / fastened back. Please note it is not permitted to carry any loose objects including cameras on the zip slide for the safety of the public. If you are unsure please contact Vertical Events.

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