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Spark Saturday - The Owl Who Came for Christmas

Curve's Christmas Family Show

Saturday 9 December 2023

Fly into author, John Hay’s heart-warming tale this Christmas and join Rosie the Owl on her feathered adventures.

A cute illustration of an owl sitting amongst baubles on a Christmas tree with the title 'The Owl Who Came for Christmas'.

Meet Rosie

When a family are putting up their new Christmas tree… hidden amongst the decorations is a secret visitor, snuggled in the branches.

Mum, look! There’s a bauble moving in the tree!

It’s a tiny owl, Rosie the Owl. Rosie’s a long way from home and misses the forest.

Inspired by a true story of the real Rosie the Owl who lost her way, see how the loving family help save Rosie, The Owl Who Came for Christmas and return her home.

Festive fun and creativity

As part of Spark Saturday at Curve families were invited to join artist Sophie Cullinan to get creative in art activities inspired by The Owl Who Came for Christmas. This free and fun activity took place before and after each performance.


Saturday 9 December 2023
Running Time
50 minutes (approx.)

Other information

Written by
Chandni Mistry
Cara Nolan

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