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Artist profile

Sameena Khan

2018/19 Development Programme artist, Sameena Khan is a Theatre Director, Drama Practitioner and Performer who has worked almost exclusively with children and families for the last 13 years. Her upbringing stimulated her to be curious about global culture, with her parents roots being found in Nairobi, Kabul, Kamalpur and Leicester.

After graduating with a degree in History of Art and Design, Sameena left Leicester to travel the world. Her travels first brought her to Amsterdam where she planned to work for six months. Six months soon turned in to 20 years, in which time she was able to work on lots of different theatre projects with a variety of community groups. She has spent the last 8 years creating theatre with children and adults who are in the asylum seekers process.

Sameena recently returned to Leicester where she is excited about being able to express her own artistic voice and view point more clearly. Since being back she has been studying for and received her Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills and she has already been involved in a number of theatre projects in the region.

For me it's been a really rich experience allowing me to explore myself, as a practitioner and as a Director, and marry together all the different areas I'm working in or I'm interested in.

Sameena Khan