Little Big Dance presents

Club Origami

Recommended age:
0-5 years
Sat 12 Feb
Tickets £4 or £12 for a group of 4 (library member discount also available)
40 minutes + 10 mins stay and play

A magical dance show for the very young

Rip, fold and scrumple!

Shall we see what we can make with a single square of paper?

As you scrunch the paper, see how your imagination begins to dance...
Dive into the magical world of Club Origami, an immersive and interactive dance show inviting family audiences to create, imagine and explore whole new ways of thinking, playing and moving. Dance, fashion and live music meet the magic of origami to sweep us up on a spirited and inspiring adventure in a land made purely of paper and play.

Watch the trailer here

Read a Club Origami review – The Guardian

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