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Talking rubbish

Finding treasure in what other people throw away

Meet Charlotte the Excavator. She loves Talking Rubbish, it’s her favourite subject! Join Charlotte as she digs around at home, sorting through her rubbish. You will also meet her friends Mohsen and Aya. You will be amazed at what they create in this wonderful world of Rubbish!

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About this resource

This resource was created by award-winning company Theatre-Rites, a leader in the creation of experimental theatre for children. Acclaimed nationally and internationally, their work stirs the imagination and stimulates thought. They specifically promote understanding and enjoyment of ‘object-led’ theatre and celebrate the power of visuals, puppetry and animation by working in collaboration with designers, visual artists, film-makers, puppeteers, musicians, composers, actors and dancers.

  • Directed by Sue Buckmaster
  • Created with Charlotte Dubery, Mohsen Nouri and Aya Namakura
  • Edited by Sophie Huggins
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