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Artist profile

Tony Reekie

Tony started working in children’s theatre in the early 90’s. In 1995 he joined the Scottish International Children’s Festival as Festival Director and worked with that organisation as it became Imaginate, Scotland’s organisation supporting the development of the performing arts for children and young people.

He left in 2015 to work freelance and had the privilege of working with fabulous organisations and people across the world, as producer, consultant and mentor.

These organisations included The A.S.K in Shanghai, Lyra in Edinburgh, Hullabaloo in Darlington and The Spark Arts for Children in Leicester.

Since 2019 Tony has been Executive Director of Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, a producing company for children and young people based in East Lothian.

Connect with Tony

Catherine Wheels

The Vital Spark behind everything we do

We believe that all children should be able to experience arts and culture, and that they should be able to see themselves represented in these experiences. This is not yet the case for every child and we’re committed to changing that.

Our response is Vital Spark, and it's at the heart of everything we do. Vital Spark is about challenging and changing the lack of diversity in children’s arts and culture; it’s about diverse-led artistic decision making; it’s about not being afraid to stand up for what’s right.

We do this by supporting artists who are currently underrepresented in children’s arts and culture. We also work with partner organisations to create world-class opportunities for these artists and share best practice.