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Paper palace

Transform your room into a paper palace by creating incredible and curious objects with everyday newspaper and card.

A set of fantastic activities by artist Sophie Cullinan to support children’s creativity and learning.

Watch the videos

Make a fishtank

For this activity you will need to fish around for newspaper, glue, tape and a pencil. Get ready to go fishing in your living room!

Make hats

Join Sophie and make a heap of hats. This was inspired by Topiwala – a traditional Indian folk story about a hat seller and a tree full of cheeky hat-loving monkeys.

Make a spider

Get crafty and make a friend for a spider who loves to play hide and seek in a fruit bowl.

Make a duck

This week Sophie makes a duck and pond, inspired by a story of a little duck who doesn’t like to get wet.

Download the worksheets

Fish worksheet
Hat worksheet
Spider worksheet
Duck worksheet