What we do

Sparking creativity and change for over 20 years with Children, Schools, Artists and Industry.

Children and families

Our year-round offer includes events for children and families. This includes creative activity for early years.

Schools and learning

Offering exciting workshops, performances and professional development for teachers across the academic year.

Daryl and Trina are presenting to an audience in the foreground. Daryl uses his hands to gesture as he talks and Trina watches him standing to the right of the picture. They are both wearing red Spark t-shirts.

Artists and industry

Driven by the Vital Spark movement -It’s our heartbeat! From the Relationship Programme to Ideas Fund and commissioning new work. We give unrivalled care to artists.

Spark Festival

Our annual co-created festival for children and families which takes place in Leicester. Working with a number of partners to make it happen. We present shows and events that bring the city to life, and children takeover cultural venues.